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The 100 Club - Want to earn a T-shirt and wear it with pride?

Published on 17th Dec 2015 at 21:59 by Admin

Have you done the 100 Club & got the T-Shirt?
How does the 100 club work?  It's FREE


100kg Bench 10 times & get a RED 100 Club T-Shirt
100kg Bench 5 times & get a BLUE 100 Club T-Shirt
100kg Bench 1 lift & get a YELLOW  100 Club T-Shirt


25kg 5 lifts and get a YELLOW 100 Club T-Shirt

Give our instructors a shout to see if your lift is legitimate and get your 100 CLUB T SHIRT awarded. Remember not everybody can wear the right to push 100 so LETS GET STARTED!!!!!

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