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See What Our Members' Say About Us!

Published on 17th Jul 2013 at 21:13 by Admin

We regulary get commendations from our members so we decided it's time to share some of them with you

Here's what some of our Members have to say about Club Active

"Before I joined Club Active in early 2012 I had never been a member of a gym before and I was scared of the idea, being judged by others of the condition I was in. Immediately I realised the staff were there to help me and other members were in the same boat as me, which made it a very comfortable environment. Over the year with some dedication I was able to lose 6 stone and completely change my life. From struggling to walk at a pace on the treadmills I am now back playing sport and loving it, the feeling of getting fitter all the time is amazing and I look forward to improving my fitness some more. Thanks to the staff for their support!" Mr M. Farrell, Navan


"From my experience in going to other gyms before, you would speak to a staff member on the way in and on the way out. If you wanted to speak to them during your workout, you would have to go looking for them, which interrupts you in your training. However, in Club Active, it is totally different. You never have to go looking for help. There is always a number of staff members walking around the gym and speaking to people to ensure that they are getting on well and if they need any help with anything, you always know that they are more than willing to help you. This makes it much easier for you to seek the help if and when you require it." Mr C. Reilly, Navan

"I joined Clubactive Gym for the first time in June 2010 and i have never looked back. I must say it was one of the best decisions i have ever made, not only have I lost weight and toned up but i have made many new friends along the way. The gym is very well equipped and the staff offer a top class service, always on hand to help you out, guide you, and encourage you. I would highly recommend Club Active Gym to everyone" Mrs A. Kerr, Navan

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