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Read Cathal's Amazing Weight Loss Story

Published on 25th Jul 2013 at 11:50 by Admin

Cathal is an inspiration to us all for his dedication and hard work to not only improving his fitness but his way of life.  Well done Cathal and keep up the great work. We're so thrilled and proud that you chose us to take the journey with you.

Read his story here:

"I first joined Club Active Gym in early May 2012.  My reason for joining at first was after the very sudden death of my uncle, which was caused by a Heart Condition in the family (which I can do nothing about), but it was also caused by his weight levels and a lack of exercise, which I obviously can do something about, by keeping myself active with continued exercise and been careful with what I eat.

I therefore decided to give it a try and see how things went.

"Fortunately, the first gym that I decided to try was Club Active Gym.   It seemed excellent value for money for the amount of equipment and services on offer.

From my experience in going to other gyms before, you would speak to a staff member on the way in and on the way out.   If you wanted to speak to them during your workout, you would have to go looking for them, which interrupts you in your training.    However, in Club Active, it is totally different.  You never have to go looking for help.   There is always a number of staff members walking around the gym and speaking to people to ensure that they are getting on well and if they need any help with anything, you always know that they are more than willing to help you.  This makes it much easier for you to seek the help if and when you require it.

There is a fantastic amount of facilities in the gym and as a result you can be sure that you are never left hanging around to use the equipment, which I feel is a huge attraction to the gym.

However, another characteristic to Club Active Gym is the fact that you always feel that you are most welcome in the gym at any time of any day.   All staff members are extremely:-

  •  Approachable
  •  Pleasant
  •  Helpful
  •  Professional
  •  Understanding
  •  Polite

 I started off in the gym thinking that I would be going to the gym 2-3 times a week at most, however as a result of my experience in Club Active, I see myself going to the gym 6 days a week.   I am now going not just for the exercuse but because I am really enjoying it and feel so much better after coming from the gym.

When I first joined, I used to take things quite easy on the machines, however, as a result of the confidence that I have gained from the staff members in Club Active, I now find that I am pushing myself that bit further in the gym i.e:- running on the Treadmill, which I never had the confidence to do before.

As well as doing my own workout, on other certain days I undertake some classes in the gym.   Some of the classes that I undertake include the following:-

  • Advanced Spinning:- I first started off doing the spin easy class for a number of weeks, but I then decided to give the Advanced Spinning Class a try.   This is a class of very high intensity, but it is extremely beneficial to you in order to raise your fitness levels.
  • Kettlebells:- This is a very useful class in order to exercise and stremgthen all of your muscles from head to toe.
  • TRX:- This is a class, that also helps strengthen all of your muscles from head to toe but uses a differant approach to the kettlebells class .

 All of the classes that I have and continue to undertake in the gym since I joined have been completed by an instructor that is most:-

  • Professional
  • Helpful
  • Understanding that everyone has different fitness levels etc.

The instructors always ensure that participants of the class complete stretch exercises at the end, in order to ensure that you do not receive any muscle pains after completing the class.

More recently, Club Active has introduced “Learn2jog”.  This involves getting outside and going for a jog around the town of Navan.  I had never jogged outside in my life before this.    When I first heard about this starting,  I was not sure about getting involved as a result of my inexperience in outdoor jogging and as I thought that the instructor would be up at the front of the group – telling the participants to run faster and get running at a much higher pace.   “How wrong could I be”.   It was explained to me when enquiring about the “Learn2jog” that the fitness instructor that is with the group would be keeping to the back of the group.   This made me feel much more at ease about doing the Learn2jog.  If you really feel the need to push on and try to go as fast as you can the option is there, however, as a result of the instructor been at the back of the group, if you are finding it difficult (for whatever reason) at anytime, you know that you may stop and say it to the instructor and that they will completely understand.    I would have to say, to my surprise, I am now really enjoying the Learn2jog!

Since joining Club Active Gym, I have lost a huge amount of weight which has come from my own hard work, determination and dedication.   However, if it wasn't for the staff, I strongly feel that I would not have had so much success and there may have been a possibility of me dropping out altogether.   As well as my fitness levels, the staff have also assisted me with my food and drink in-take.   They explained to me what I should and should not be eating and drinking.  

To conclude, in order to sustain a good condition of health and fitness, I would like to say that joining Club Active Gym, is without doubt the best decision that I have made in my life.   

I have got no problem in recommending Club Active Gym to anyone who wishes to improve their health and fitness levels in a fantasticly friendly environment.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of the staff members of Club Active Gym most sincerely for all their help and continued support that they have and continue to provide me with."

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