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Club Active Challenge January Winners

Published on 21st Feb 2018 at 13:47 by Admin

Club Active Challenge January 2018

After a tough but entertaining 6 weeks, we came to an end with over 70% of starting participants finishing the challenge.

The Team Challenge went to Rachel's Team with an overall loss of 20kg and a %loss of 21.5% between them, fantastic result guys and girls, Well done to you Rachel on the overall Female winner

% Overall body weight loss over 6 weeks

Sarah Mcloughlin 5.84%- 4 kg ,Robbie Grant 4.79% -4.5kg, June Flatherty 1.5%- 2.7kg, John Dunne 2.66% 3.2kg, Margie Burns 4.17% 3.4kg, Margaret Darby 1.45% -.7kg

Overall Male biggest loser 

Joseph Clarke  - weight loss of 4.4kg and 5.1 inches loss giving him a loss of (5.39% Overall B/W)

Overall Female Biggest loser

Sarah McLoughlin weight loss 4kg and 13.9 inch loss giving her a loss of (5.84% Overall B/W)

Well done to all who took part and the next challenge starts this Saturday 24th of Feb at 9.15am...look forward to seeing you all at Club Active Gym

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