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24 hr Spinaton Saturday 29/04/16

Published on 3rd May 2016 at 11:22 by Admin

Wow!! what a weekend....where do you start, to Siobhan Payne you truely are an absolute inspiration, when you think about it as we laughed a month ago it really didnt sound possible, well thats that done now and with ease, probably have to make it harder for you next time lol, it never phased you in the slightest.....They really did break the mould when they made you.There's no stopping you in August.
To all the volunteers and family members (Liz, Teresa, Eoin), you were a constant support to siobhan, myself and the constant crew of cyclist who cycled with us...Thank you so much.
To Kevin Doherty you were there for the entire journey , siobhan spoke so highly of you coming into the event and we can all see why now,you were only outshone by the lady herself, a true gentleman and we're so proud to have been involved with the attracta doherty pink'n' gold charity here at the club and look forward to helping out in the future on any level.
To the cyclists well done eveybody it made life easy having some of the characters we met on saturday and for all you who broke personal milestones well done, ‪#‎itseasierwithsomeoneoneyourshoulder‬
To my staff well done to you all , wheather you cycled a bike or just stood g-ing on the cyclists ,techy team, running to help support or just to go for anything that was needed, we have a great team!!! we stood strong together for 24 hours and our members couldn't say enough about you. Lisa Nolan Zofia Paduchowicz David Guildea Lynn Barry Stephen Mc Donnell Elva Smith David Craughan Carly Sullivan Conor Cahill and Sean Moriarity.
Final word ‪#‎nopaynenogain‬ is certain a # we wont forget ,your journey its truely remarkable our/everybodies IRONWOMAN!!!
Siobhan Payne Thank you

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