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All membership packages include: All classes FREE • Free fitness assessment & program tailored to help you achieve your goals.


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The instructions of the facility staff must be adhered to at all times.

Proper Attire/Hygiene - Appropriate sporting apparel and footwear must be worn at all times. It is essential to bring a towel while working out and wipe down equipment after use.

Weights - Return weights to the appropriate rack after use. Do not slam, drop or throw dumbbells on the floor and always remove your weights from the machine.

Equipment - Do not use weights while on cardio equipment. Misusing equipment can result in injury and/or damage to the equipment. Ask for assistance from the fitness staff if you are unfamiliar with equipment. Courtesy to other gym users must be shown by only sitting on a machine when working out.

No Swearing - This is a very common sense rule. Profanity can be offensive to others. No grunting or shouting.

Phones - The use of the mobile phone is restricted to the recreational areas.

Peak Times - Please limit your use of cardio machines to 20 minutes during peak times to allow all members use of equipment.

Food and Drink - No glass bottles or food are permitted in the gym. Please pick up your bottles and dispose of them in the bins provided.

Admittance - You must use your membership card/sign in for admittance into gym.

Gym Members and Staff - Please be courteous to staff and other members while working out.

Closing of Gym - Members must exit gym 10 minutes before closing time or 20 minutes if taking a shower.

Age - Under 15’s are not permitted to use the gym.

Health - If you feel faint or dizzy please stop exercising and inform a member of staff. Please keep hydrated.


Club Active PAYG

Non-members can use the gym for €10 Pay as you go. Gym rules T&Cs apply.







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