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You don't have to be a member to do our classes - it's open to everyone. 

You can book your classes in bundles or "pay as you go".  It's up to you. With our NEW state-of-the-art studios we can now offer a wider variety of classes to suit everyone.



The Metafit™ is the original 30 minute, non choreographed, bodyweight only HIIT workout, with over 10,000 coaches teaching worldwide.

Metafit will seriously
change your body


Spin H.I.I.T & Spin Endurance all new to the gym.

Spin H.I.I.T 30 minute class on the bike This type of training is very intense but HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a miracle way to reduce your workout time and up your fat burning. Studies show that your metabolism is raised for 12-48 hours after a HIIT session Call 046 9011222 to book your place as places are limited.




It looks like a cannon ball with a handle; it feels like a cannon ball with a handle and originally it was a cannon ball with a handle! Say hello to Kettle Bell. This workout is great for building strength and muscular endurance, particularly in the legs,shoulders & lower back.    


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